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Politique de remboursement

Returns And Refund Policies:

There should be no reasons for any returns, because we offer our Product Performance Guarantee with its express purpose for you to test our products for suitability and to determine the exact spread rates of our sealers/finishes so that you will know exactly how much product you need for your project. Should you wish to return any of our products, you must contact us first and state your reasons. We review return requests on case by case basis. We will reject all return requests for products that were received by customers more than 30 days before the return request. If your return is approved we will issue an authorization code, and provide you with the return address. Any and all returns without our prior authorization will be refused. There are no exceptions to this policy. Authorized returns are limited to one single gallon and quart or smaller containers, and 1lb ND AGGREGATE™. No product return for more than a single gallon of product or larger sizes and quantities can be returned. No refund will be applied to your credit card in such instances. There is Restocking Fee (15% of product purchase price) for all refused and returned orders.


Product Performance Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee Including Shipping Costs

We guarantee your satisfaction when ordering our products in Quarts or smaller sizes (including all Small KITS) and 1 lb ND AGGREGATE™ for 60 days from the date that you receive your order. This guarantee is limited to one unit of each product. The purpose of this guarantee is to allow our customers at no cost including the cost of shipping/handling to test our products for suitability before ordering larger quantities. Testing our products on a small inconspicuous area will demonstrate its performance for your end use, and it will allow you to determine the exact spread rates of our sealers/finishes so that you will know how much product you need for your project. Contact us to complete our RETURN/REFUND FORM so that we may learn about your reasons for a return and properly credit your credit card when we authorize your request. Our form will be emailed to you. Provide an accurate email address. This Guarantee does not cover any of our products in gallon, or larges sizes; it covers only quart sizes and 1 lb bags of ND AGGREGATE™, and is limited to one unit per product. This Guarantee is valid only for shipments to the U.S.A. and Canada. We will refund the Shipping Costs in the amount of cost of Ground UPS, or Standard UPS when shipping to Canada. 


Five-Year Warranty 

Your purchase of any of our primers/sealers/finishes/coatings is warranted to perform according to our specifications when applied and maintained according to our directions for 5 years. This warranty does not cover: misuse, misapplication, poor maintenance, high gloss and regular wear. Your rights under this warranty are not transferable. Only the original buyer may file a claim with us under this warranty. If we determine the validity of a claim under this warranty, we will refund or replace the product(s) at your option less the time that the product(s) performed from the 5 year period. Example: If the product performed for 2.5 years, you could receive a refund of half the product cost, or replace the product at a credit of half of the List Price towards replacement.

Important Note: This warranty must be activated by registration within 7 days of completed application of SKID SAFE. Please fill up, and email, or mail to us the Warranty Registration Form with required attachements. This form is part of SKID SAFE Data Sheet and can be downloaded here: Direct link is here:https://ndclean.com/directions, Failure to register the SKID SAFE application within required time period voids the FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY.